Contract Templates

Sherhara Downing

Contractual agreements are written in another language-- of which I'm not fluent! But thanks to Casey I have a translator! Her guidance, expertise and patience has helped me navigate the legal obstacle course of doing business. Not only is she available to do the work for me but she's also equipped me with tools to get the job done myself. With her contract templates I can confidently close deals and not worry about missing the details. Do not hesitate to hire her now. It could cost much more later!

Jereshia Hawk

Casey’s Contract Template and Collect Your Coins With Confidence packet has given us the tools to enforce our contracts and have a solid process to follow when a client breaches our original agreement.  Having a contract template is one thing but having the right tools and process to enforce the contract has been a game-changer!

Kahlea Nicole

“When it comes to what influencers should and shouldn’t do when it comes to legal matters, Casey is your go-to gal for help on the matter. As someone who actually specializes in entertainment and digital media law, she’s passionate about helping protect creator’s influence and making sure they’re not earning the short end of the stick on brand deals. I am SO happy that she’s created an easily accessible way for influencers to legally protect their brands with these contact templates. These are truly a game-changer for us!”