Contract Redlining

You don’t speak contract jargon, but we do. 

The term “redlining” (sometimes called blacklining) commonly refers to the editing and negotiation process during document and business contract management where contributors mark text and track changes collaboratively.

You may not know how to do this, and that is where we come in. If you’ve received a contract from a third party and need to redline the document we can help you with this process. 

Our legal team helps you to understand the elements that may have been left out of your contract and create a negotiable discussion once we’ve marked up your document. 

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You should redline if:


you've recieved a third-party contract

A third-party has provided you with a contract they want you to review & sign.


want to identify any redflags

You’re unsure of where to start identifying potential red flags. 



you want additional reassurance

You may want additional reassurance from a contract legal attorney. 


Our process

To get started is simple here is our four step simple process.  

1. 1-hour Consultation to discuss needs and pricing, this fee is $197.00 

2.  Review and Redline Document

3. Handoff call 20-minute hand-off (explain and answer questions)

Sounds good right? Let’s get your contract redlined today.  

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Here’s where you get started. 

Please note: All Contract Redlining Services begin with an Initial Consultation. The initial consultation fee is $197.00. An email will be sent to you for payment directly after you fill out your form.   

After choosing your desired date, fill out your form and we will be in touch soon. We look forward to chatting with you! 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for your custom contract?

Our custom contracts start at $2,000.00. 

What is the price range for your contract redlining?

Our contract redlining starts at $500.00. Initial Consult fee NOT applied. 

Does your pricing include revisions?

Yes we send you the initial draft two weeks after our call, and we send you a full implementation video and we will handle revisions typically within 48 hours. Revisions are within the project timeframe and the scope of work until the final handoff date.

Do you have a payment plan?

Typically all payments are due before contracts are started. 

However, we do offer a payment plan in two payment installments. The first half is due before your first draft. The second half is due before the final delivery. 

How many contracts can I work on at one time?

As many as you’d like. Please note each contract is a separate fee and each contract will take 2 weeks to complete. For example our custom contracts start at 2k per contract. So if you needed four contracts it would be $2,000.00 per contract and 8 weeks to complete for all contracts. 

What is the timeline for the contract?

From start to finish (2-3 weeks) from the time you sign a contract and submit the invoice.

What's the difference between the custom contract and the contract redlining service?

For custom contracts, no redlining is needed. We specifically provide you with a custom contract brand new fit for your needs within your business. 

Do you offer consulting?

Yes, this is via our Legal Strategy Session perfect for those needing foundational legal business advice.

Interested in a Discovery Call?

Chat with one of our legal experts to gain clear insight on the next steps to reaching your desired outcome.