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It’s time you added “legal” to your team.

Image if the next time you received a lengthy contract full of legal jargon, you could just pick up the phone (or better yet, send a quick email) and pass it off to your dedicated legal team. All with the assurance of knowing that it will be taken care of and that your most valuable assets will be protected.

Over the past several years, I’ve helped influencers and creatives, just like you, navigate the legal side of their creative businesses. I consider myself to be an advocate for culture creators, and with the help of my team at C. Handy Law, work tirelessly to help creatives build businesses built for impact.

I wholeheartedly believe that every creative should have the resources to live their wildest dreams, with the security of knowing their hard work is sound and secure.

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Casey Handy-Smith, Esq. 

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Whether you’re in need of an experienced attorney to help you negotiate a deal, or you’re looking to draft solid contracts specific to you and your business, we’ve got you covered!

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I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of cautionary tales on what can happen when you enter into a bad or one-sided contract. 


Getting into a contract you don’t understand that has little to no regard for your rights and interests, can put you in a situation more costly than the opportunity is even worth.

Stop taking chances and worrying that you're signing your life away every time you pursue a new opportunity.

a respected author

unknowingly gives up their right to inspect financial records, and hasn’t received a dime in royalties from their publisher for over a year.

a social media influencer

receives a cease and desist for using the company’s logo improperly in required social media posts for an endorsement deal.


a recording artist

is promised a minimum compensation but is told they can’t receive it because it only applies in California and the contract is enforceable in Texas. 

an established speaker

collaborates with a national brand that maintains the right to use the speaker's name and image for a year after the contract ends.


I am so thrilled to have found Casey Handy-Smith. She is a consummate professional, incredibly thorough, and – get this – enjoyable to work with. (How rare is that?) During our meetings, she routinely brings up scenarios I hadn’t considered and approaches every issue from multiple angles. Beyond simply receiving great counsel from Casey, I always feel well protected. No matter the legal issue, I know if Casey is handling it then I’m covered.
Courtney Sanders

Top Millennial Speaker & Women's Empowerment Coach

Casey Christina HandyReviewsout of 1 review
Casey Handy is my media attorney. She has done work for me that was on time and on-point. As a result, negotiations were successfully closed in a matter of days and I feel exceptionally good about the advice I was given. Casey will be my first call to review any future opportunities.

(Honestly, I wish I could tell you, the potential client, more but the work I have done with Casey was, obviously, confidential. The bottom line is that I personally and professionally recommend C Handy Law.)

Rick Gillis


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