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are you an influencer, thought leader, or creator who’s overwhelmed at the thought of signing a weighty contract that you don’t really understand? 

The mere thought of finding the time to read all 20 (or more) pages of that contract has you wanting to SCREAM when you look at your never ending to-do list! Not to mention, you’ve already glanced at the contract, and see several unfamiliar sections and lengthy terminology that you can hardly comprehend. 

Even the part about how you get paid is a bit confusing and reads differently than what was communicated in emails…

You’ve already talked to your go-to lawyer friend (the one who works at that big PI firm downtown) and still don’t feel at ease

The contracts are getting bigger, longer, and more complex. 

You’ve reached out to your network of “biz besties” and mentors for referrals, only to end up with a list of lawyers who are either super stuffy or too busy to return any of your phone calls or emails. You don’t want to sign on the dotted line without some sound legal advice

…but you’re starting to freak out, because you know you don’t have forever to get this contract reviewed and solidified. At some point the other side is going to want an answer before it’s on to the next…

You’re really close to just going with it, and walking into this deal with blinders on. After all, what are the chances that something will go wrong anyway, right? You’ve been ok up until this point (or so you think).  

There’s a chance that nothing will go wrong, but do you really want to take it?

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of cautionary tales on what can happen when you enter into a bad or one-sided contract. 

Getting into a contract you don’t understand that has little to no regard for your rights and interests, can put you in a situation more costly than the opportunity is even worth.

Stop taking chances and worrying that you’re signing your life away every time you pursue a pivotal opportunity. 

a respected author

unknowingly gives up their right to inspect financial records, and hasn’t received a dime in royalties from their publisher for over a year.

a social media influencer

receives a cease and desist for using the company’s logo improperly in required social media posts for an endorsement deal.


a recording artist

is promised a minimum compensation but is told they can’t receive it because it only applies in California and the contract is enforceable in Texas. 

an established speaker

collaborates with a national brand that maintains the right to use the speaker’s name and image for a year after the contract ends.

And these are just a few of the clients I’ve worked with after things didn’t go as planned during the course of a contract. 

It’s time you added an “on-call” contract attorney to your team.  

Image if the next time you received a lengthy and complicated contract full of legal jargon and ambiguous terms, you could just pick up the phone (or better yet, send a quick email) and pass it off to your dedicated attorney with full confidence that it will be taken care of.

No more wasting time and scrambling to find someone to help you with every single contract you’re presented with these days. (After all, the opportunities aren’t going to stop coming! You’ve worked hard for this, and deserve to enjoy it.)

Image coming off like a pro and inserting those magical words into an email, “I’ll get back to you after my attorney reviews the contract,” and actually having an attorney review it in a timely fashion so you never miss out on an opportunity again.

Never worry about saying the “wrong thing,” diminishing your position, or halting negotiations when the other side starts to give you push back on your terms. 

I am so thrilled to have found Casey Handy-Smith. She is a consummate professional, incredibly thorough, and – get this – enjoyable to work with. (How rare is that?) During our meetings, she routinely brings up scenarios I hadn’t considered and approaches every issue from multiple angles. Beyond simply receiving great counsel from Casey, I always feel well protected. No matter the legal issue, I know if Casey is handling it then I’m covered.

Courtney Sanders

Top Millennial Speaker & Women's Empowerment Coach, Think and Grow Chick, LLC

Casey Handy is my media attorney. She has done work for me that was on time and on-point. As a result, negotiations were successfully closed in a matter of days and I feel exceptionally good about the advice I was given. Casey will be my first call to review any future opportunities.

(Honestly, I wish I could tell you, the potential client, more but the work I have done with Casey was, obviously, confidential. The bottom line is that I personally and professionally recommend C Handy Law.)

Rick Gillis

Author/Speaker, Rick Gillis, LLC

Not only will we ensure that what you’re signing is just as beneficial to you as it is to the other side (we already know your non-negotiables, remember?) but we’ll do all of the talking for you…

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