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Annual Service Plans

Why break the bank when you could save thousands of dollars by paying a predictable set fee each month over the course of a year?

All with the comfort of knowing you’re already locked in to our calendar.

If you’re a busy “on-demand” influencer or online entrepreneur, our annual service plans were created just for you.

Outsource your existing contract needs and eliminate the risk of signing on to a bad deal, all while increasing your negotiating confidence when you sign up for an annual service plan! 

Have questions about our monthly plans? Schedule a complimentary call and we’ll help you decide which plan is the perfect fit for you!

Al-a Carte Services 

All of the services included in our annual plans are also available al-a-carte.  

contract review & negotiation

Starting at $500

We’ll review your contract and provide a detailed explanation of your legal rights and interests before you sign on the dotted-line. We’ll even communicate with third parties on your behalf and negotiate your terms to ensure that you’re getting the best deal!

custom contract drafting

Starting at $1200

Whether you’re in need of a solid custom contract for your next joint business venture, or looking to formalize your services and expectations when working with clients, we’ve got you covered! 

contract disputes & litigation

Starting at $2500

Maybe you’ve already signed on the dotted-line and desperately want to get out of a bad-deal. Or perhaps you have a contract of your own that you’d like to enforce. We offer contract dispute resolution services inside and outside of court, through mediation, arbitration, and civil litigation. 

federal trademark registration

Flat Fee of $1250

This service includes the following:

  • A comprehensive trademark clearance search
  • An opinion letter (issued by Attorney Smith)
  • Filing of the trademark application
  • The filing fee for one trademark class ($225)

An initial payment of $500 is required to begin this service.

business formation

Flat fee of $1500 

We’ll review your current business practices and help you determine the best legal structure for your brand. This service fee includes up to $300 in state filing fees.  

entertainment & digital media law

Industry Experience


01. entertainment contracts

We provide negotiation and drafting solutions for clients in a variety of industries, including: television, music, film, theater, publishing, visual arts, and new digital media.  

02. licensing contracts

We provide the contractual framework to protect your intellectual property (copyright, trademark, & patents) rights when allowing others to use your work, either exclusively or non-exclusively.  

03. digital media contracts

We service the unique contractual needs of influencers and creators working exclusively in the online space. Including, bloggerspodcasters, Youtubers, and social media influencers

legal consultation

Maybe you’re not 100% sure on where to start, and need some sound legal advice on how to navigate a particular situation. Or perhaps you have a laundry list of matters you’d like to discuss beyond contracts (e.g. business formation, trademarks, etc.). Book a comprehensive legal consultation today!

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