Start-Up & Emerging Businesses


The successful formation, planning, operation and financing of a new or emerging business requires consideration of numerous legal and business matters. At C. Handy Law we take into account these many factors when assisting start-up and emerging companies. Specifically, we offer services in the following areas:

Entity Selection:

Selection of the form of entity is one of the most important decisions facing the owner of a new business. The choice of entity affects tax treatment of the business and its participants, the transferability of interests,  the relationship between owners and management, and the extent to which principals and investors will be liable for the obligations of the business. At C. Handy Law, we help you to select the best entity for your business. Typical entity selections include: sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations, professional corporations, and limited liability companies.

Preparation of Start-up Documents:

You may already know the type of entity you would like to form, and just need assistance with preparing vital documents. At C. Handy Law we prepare the documentation every start-up needs to be successful. Including: certificates of formation, bylaws, organizational meeting of directors, and operation or partnership agreements.

Employee & Independent Contractor Agreements:

Even as a start-up or emerging company, it may be essential to bring on employees or independent contractors to best facilitate the needs of your consumer. At C. Handy Law we will work with you in developing employee handbooks, drafting employee and independent contract agreements, and even representing you against employee lawsuits.

Protection of Intellectual Property:

For most start-up companies, their most valuable assets are not large capital items, rather, their most prized possessions often consist of intangibles, such as an idea for a new business that no one else has thought of. We value your ideas and tenacity and offer your business protection through copyright, trademark, and patent registrations.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation:

Contracts form the basis of every business relationship. As start-up or emerging company you will enter into contracts defining relationships with founders, principals, employees, investors, financial institutions, landlords, customers, partners, and equipment and other suppliers. At C. Handy Law, we insure that your contracts are solid and that you are entering into agreements most advantageous to your business.