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Tune in to the Unspoken Terms podcast to hear the not so often publicized stories of successful influencers and creatives who have experienced set backs in their careers due to the (often unspoken) terms of pivotal contracts.  Learn how they’ve overcome, and how you can avoid the same pitfalls as you build and grow your brand and influence. 


Big Blogging Business: How to Navigate The Blogosphere Industry with Vernetta R. Freeney
Today’s episode with Vernetta R. Freeney (award-winning micro-event blogger, award-winning event producer, community builder, speaker, and podcaster) is an inside
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Insightful Increase: Investing in Yourself to Better Invest in your Business with Kahlea Nicole – Episode 016
Today’s episode with Kahlea Nicole (Gal Getaway, Instagramable Workshop, Network to Network Coaching Program) is overflowing with nuggets of insightful
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Episode 011: Operating as a Business Part 1: Compliance
One of the biggest mistakes creatives make when pursuing opportunities is failing to build a solid foundation. Closing the deal
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Episode 010: How to Avoid This Common Influencer Mistake with Brittany Hennessy
In today’s episode, I had the privilege of speaking with influencer expert, Brittany Hennessy. Brittany is the best-selling author of
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Episode 009: Knowing When to Hire an Agent and What to Expect – with Ernest B. James
Ernest B. James is the Founder and Chief Management Officer of Noire Management. Noire Management is a diversity inclusive focused
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Episode 008: Behind the Scenes with Phylicia Alvarez: Working with Influencers as a Clothing Brand
Today, I’m joined on the podcast by influencer and entrepreneur, Phylicia Alvarez. Phylicia is the Founder of City Republik, a
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Episode 007: Linda Taliaferro on the Consequences of Poorly Written Contracts
In today’s episode, I chat with corporate powerhouse turned entrepreneur, Linda Taliaferro. Linda shares her experience transitioning into entrepreneurship and
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Episode 006: The Comeback Queen: How to Overcome Legal Setbacks + Leveraging Brand Deals with Courtney Sanders
In today’s episode, Courtney L. Sanders (FKA Think and Grow Chick) opens up about the “legal mishap” that sparked her
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Brian Bushwood
Episode 005: Brian Brushwood on Niching With YouTube + A Tricky “Work for Hire” Clause That Almost Cost Him Everything
In this episode, Brian Brushwood opens up about a tricky “work for hire” clause in a production contract that almost
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Episode 004: How a $4,000 Invoice Changed Kelly Ruta’s Business
In today’s episode, I talk with Kelly Ruta about her experience dealing with a coaching client who completely ghosted her,
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