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Tune in to the Unspoken Terms podcast to hear the not so often publicized stories of successful influencers and creatives who have experienced set backs in their careers due to the (often unspoken) terms of pivotal contracts.  Learn how they’ve overcome, and how you can avoid the same pitfalls as you build and grow your brand and influence. 


Episode 038: Maya Elious On The Work You Should ACTUALLY Be Doing In Your Business
It’s no secret that entrepreneurship is a lot of work! There are so many moving pieces, and plenty to focus
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Episode 037: Blogger to Businesswoman: Francesca Murray
Today’s episode of the podcast is all about turning your passions into profit! Our guest, Francesca Murray, is no stranger
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Episode 036: Contract Case Study: The “Call Her Daddy” Podcast Contract Dispute
Today, we’re back with another Contract Case Study! This time, we are taking a look at the “Call Her Daddy”
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Episode 035: Building Beauty Empires with Kim Roxie
Today on the podcast, Casey talks with beauty-preneur Kim Roxie, founder and CEO of LAMIK Beauty. As a long time
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Episode 034: Karsen Murray on “Scope Creeps” and Missing Contract Terms
In today’s episode of the podcast, Casey chats with the founder of Hype Gal, a Copywriting & Marketing Studio. Hype
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Episode 033: Contract Case Study: Update on Megan Thee Stallion’s Lawsuit Against 1501 Entertainment
In Episode 023 of the podcast, Casey unpacked the pending lawsuit and contract dispute between Megan Thee Stallion and her
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Industry Insights with Jessy Grossman
Influencer marketing is big business! In today’s episode, we go behind the scenes of the booming and often misunderstood world
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Bespoke Business: Tayloring Your Perfect Brand with Michael Ferrera
Calling all entrepreneurs! Today’s episode is for you. Serial entrepreneur Michael Ferrera drops some serious knowledge about businesses that he
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Picture Perfect: Profitable Professional Photography with Ashleigh Reddy
Today’s episode, with Ashleigh Reddy, is pure gold for anyone looking to get into professional photography, or any type of
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Strategic Stories: Social Media Success with Natasha Samuel
Today’s episode, with Natasha Samuel, is for anyone interested in using Instagram for business or branding. Natasha offers insight into
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