pitch perfect legal audit

want to come off like a pro and land brand deals with ease?

you know it’s time to tighten things up.

You’ve been working tirelessly to get your IG feed and account aesthetics just right and to eliminate any “red flags” before pitching big brands.

But did you know that there are a number of red flags that go beyond broken website links and less than ideal stats?

 Brands also look at things like…

How You Disclose Partnerships with Other Brands

If you aren’t following the FTC Guidelines in your current sponsored posts, you can kiss that next opportunity goodbye! No brand wants to work with an influencer that comes with hefty fines.

The Originality of Your Brand and Content

When’s the last time you did a trademark clearance search to make sure your IG handle and branded hashtags weren’t infringing on someone else’s rights?

The Professionalism of Your Website and Media Kit

Having a polished website and media kit is a necessity! But so is having updated website terms and copyright notices. These things not only make you look more professional, but they show brands that you’re serious about your business.

don’t get written off as a liability before you even have a chance to pitch…



The Pitch Perfect Legal Audit was designed to help you identify these red flags and develop a clear roadmap to eliminate them with ease.

there are three components to the session.

1. Instagram Audit

    • Review of your current brand partnership disclosures – We’ll discuss what may need to be tweaked and take a close look at the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) endorsement guidelines for Instagram and other platforms you may be using. 
    • Review of your brand name, IG handle, and any branded hashtags to ensure you aren’t  infringing on anyone else’s trademark rights.
    • Deep-dive discussion about the trademark process to help you protect your brand name and hashtags.
    • Review of your current business structure or discussion about the best legal structure for your brand (LLC, Corp., etc.).

2. Website Audit

Review of your website to make sure you have all of the essentials. Including:

    • Updated terms of service and privacy policy
    • Updated copyright notices
    • Verified COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) Compliance
    • Verified California Online Privacy Act Compliance, if applicable

3. Media Kit Audit

If you’re getting creative with how you pitch brands (which you definitely should!) and including a service list in your media kit, we’ll discuss needed contracts for these additional services and how you should handle this type of arrangement the legal way.

here’s what you’ll walk away with:


Action Item Checklist

To help you course correct and/or implement everything discussed in your session.

Recording of the Session

The session will be conducted via video conference call and recorded for your future reference.

30 Minute Follow-Up Call

To check-in on your progress and clarify any action items.

Clarity and Reassurance!

That you’re taking all the right steps to pitch the brands of your dreams! 
Get on Track to Operating Like a Business Brands Can’t Wait to Work With.